“IFES Europe has, over the last thirty years, organised and hosted ten editions of the European Student Evangelism Conference. As we were praying and seeking God, we sensed that he wanted us to build on the strength of the past, but also to move on and do something new. Revive is the result, with more than 30 organisations standing in partnership with us.”

Tor Erling Fagermoen, Former IFES Regional Secretary for Europe 


We live for one King. We are seeking to build one Kingdom. We pray together “let Your Kingdom Come”. The heart of Kingdom partnership is simply praying, working and seeking one Kingdom, to glorify one King: Jesus. 

If we are longing to see revival, to see a strong move of God in Europe, let us prepare our hearts and pray for His Kingdom to come. Let us be of one heart and mind and seek His Kingdom first.

“What a movement of the Spirit to get us all at the same table and speaking into one event! What will God do with and through Revive? I am excited to see, although I dare not miss what He has already done by uniting us!”

— Connie Duarte (Chair of Mission Net and Board Member of the European Evangelical Alliance)