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15:45 – 16:30


🌟 1. Revive Movement – spreading the fire | DM Main Hall

Revive was amazing, and now what?! Are you longing to take what you have experienced at Revive and see the fire spread in your city and campus? Are you hungry like us to see a revival in this student generation, and wondering what part you can play? This seminar is for you! You will hear more about the Revive Movement, and ways that you can build with us. Across our continent, we see God igniting personal revival in the hearts of students and using them to change campuses, cities, and nations for His glory.

Sarah Breuel, Sam Couper, Tim Engelmann & Caleb Schmidt

2. Am I called? | K 5

Many students ask themselves big questions, “Is she the one for me?” “Is that the right job?” “Should I get a job, or volunteer in a Christian kind of way?” Underlying all these questions is the bigger question, “God, please could you tell me?”

What does it mean to be ‘called by God?’ How does that happen? What does the Bible say about this? Should I carry on with my plans even if I haven’t been called?

This seminar will look at these questions, and perhaps others. We will try to determine together a biblical and pragmatic approach to the question of ‘calling’.

Andy Stevens

3. Stick in the Dirt – growing in faith | K 3

The image of a tree is used a lot in scripture to describe faith, endurance, fruits, and much more. What does this image mean in your life? If you want to grow in your faith and bear more fruit, come to this seminar. Be prepared to lay down some things that are important to you and trust that God will give you what you need.

Hester Zoutman

4. Leadership development | K 7

Being a leader of your student group and taking responsibility can be intimidating.
Together we will discover the beauty of leadership and we will reflect on the leader’s role. Besides practical impulses for shaping your role, there will be time to work out your own “mission statement”. Let yourself be encouraged and start leading boldly.

Elena Bick


1. Leading an evangelistic group on campus | К Hall

Decisions for Christ should not be rare events but a regular part of student groups on campus. How can we communicate the gospel creatively? This workshop will present a biblical vision for engaging our universities and explain how to organize seeker groups, artistic events, and public debates.

René Breuel

2. Leadership Priorities | K 4

Leadership is very important. Character and competence make for great leadership. The seminar will focus on the leader’s life passion, vision and mission.

Zefjan Nikolla

3. How to set up non-stop prayer on your campus | Upper Room – Personal Prayer Space

Jesus prayed.
He prayed in the early mornings, in between events, and during the nights. Jesus is clearly committed to prayer: how can we follow Him?
Join this seminar and discover how you can set up a non-stop prayer week on your campus! You will hear about the best practices on how to create an inspirational prayer room and how to invite and mobilise your fellow students to pray (even in unusual hours).

Denise Van der Zwaag

4. Atheism v. the Christian Faith: Where does the Evidence Point? | K 9

The aim of the seminar is to address the question of the reasonableness of the faith compared to that of atheism. Most atheists are materialists; so, the seminar will explain
(a) there are good reasons (that even atheists may accept) to believe that the materialist worldview is false, and
(b) the Christian faith, a biblically based faith, is a reasonable faith.

Peter Payne

5. The power of Bible stories to reach out to refugees and international students* | K 1

Our European cities are full of international students, refugees, and migrants, many of whom have never had the chance to meet Christians or hear the gospel message. Around the world, there are huge numbers of people coming to faith, especially from Muslim backgrounds, but we don’t hear so much about outreach efforts here in our European cities. What does it mean to make disciples from some of the least reached nations who live here on our doorstep? Is it really true that God can use me to be of help in their journey to meet the Messiah?

Join Dan and Jelle to hear about stories of how God is working among refugees and international students in Germany and Belgium, leading to multiple baptisms and whole family networks across the world being touched.

They will introduce a video-based tool called ‘Al Massira’ which is available in over 35 languages, which guides people through Biblical prophet stories, from Noah, Abraham, and Moses all the way through to Jesus the Messiah.

Jelle Rijkeboer & Dan Micha Rahn


1. Undivided** — The biblical worldview: reasons for hope | K 11

Human beings cannot live without having a sound meaning in life that’s why all human beings are searching for meaning. How distinct is the Biblical Worldview among other worldviews? In what way Biblical worldview responds to this search for meaning and how it boosts one’s hope?

Rodica Roșior

2. Cultural Blind Spots… How are they affecting your outreach? | K 8

Blindspots, we all have them! Our culture has them too! How can we identify our cultural blind spots? How does it affect the way we read scripture, how we treat each other, and our ministry? Come and shed light on the dimensions that we are blind to.

Alice Atkins

3. How to use social media to reach seekers* | K 6

In this seminar, we will look at how to strategically use social media to build the kingdom of God. Some questions we will be asking are: instead of sending out one-sided messages, how can we focus on and engage with the questions and needs of seekers? Instead of speaking our Christian slang, how can we speak the language of the seeker? And last but not least: how can we use and influence the algorithm to reach the unreached?

Charlotte Caspers

4. Answering the Most Common Muslim Objections | K 10

Most Muslim objections to the Gospel come down to 4 main points. We will look at these 4 and how these objections, rather than an obstacle, can actually be a path to a great conversation. This seminar is not about winning debates with Muslims but moving to meaningful conversations.


5. Revival and Creation: Why Climate Change and Creation Care matters | K 2

Climate Change can‘t be ignored. However, is it the Mission of the Church? Operation Noah uses three terms for the topic: Faith motivated, science-informed, and hope-inspired. We need a biblical basis for a healthy Christian view of Creation Care. Science is crucial to an informed faith. Reliable climate models point to the reality we will have to face in the future. Hope in God motivates us to take action and to accomplish more than we can ask or imagine. In this seminar, we will discuss similar questions, solutions, and the church‘s role.

Christian Pichler

6. Highschool Revival – A workshop for Pupils, Parents and (aspiring) Teachers* | DM Foyer

How can I live out my faith at school authentically? Where does Jesus fit into tests, grades, and friends? Faithfully living with Christ and going to school might seem hard to reconcile. But what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that way?
Jesus is sending you out, right into the Mission-field of your classroom. Come hear, and begin working and praying for a Revival at your school!

Lea Lustig

*Seminar Repeats Twice
**Undivided is a series of seminars dedicated to last year students and fresh graduates to help them integrate their faith and work and learn to be Ambassadors for Christ at work. We recommend participants transitioning soon from student to professional life or those who recently entered their professional career to attend them all if desired.